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Areas of Expertise

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Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested therapy that has been around a long time. It offers a safe place that utilizes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state to help you focus on a problem more deeply and embrace suggestions that can help change your thinking. In the last twenty years it has become highly recognised and doctors often recommend it to their patients as an alternative to talking therapies. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis so you remain in control.


Stress & tension




Weight management

Self-esteem & confidence

Pain management


Stopping smoking

Menopause & hormonal imbalances


Irritable bowel syndrome

General digestive issues


Mindfulness is an invitation to open your mind, your heart and your body to a new way of being.

The practice of mindfulness has the potential to become a lifelong companion and ally and whether you know it or not when you start, by engaging in these mindfulness practices you are joining a worldwide community of others whose hearts have been drawn to this way of being, this way of interfacing with life and with the world.  Jon Kabat Zinn


Stress reduction

Improved health & well being

Pain reduction

Reduced anxiety & depression

Greater self-confidence & esteem

Improved work-life balance

Improved sleep

Clarity & focus

Greater resilience

Memory enhancement

Improved concentration

Enhanced creativity

Improved relationships

Rapport & communication

My Approach

My Approach


I will guide you through relaxation into a light trance, a very normal state to be in, not dissimilar to a meditation, using my voice, breathing methods and visualisation. This hypnotic state provides you with a safe space to make changes at a deep level. I use  a variety of techniques which are unintrusive but highly effective. As my client you are always in control and will only relax and let go once you are ready to. It is not a process to be rushed.

I will take time to listen to you, find out what you would like help with, and build a plan together on how to proceed. Part of my role is to make sure that you understand what hypnotherapy is and how it works so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it could work for you.  Sometimes hypnotherapy can work very well alongside another therapy or medical treatment that you might be having.

It is most important to find a hypnotherapist who you can connect with and support you in the right way for your needs. This relationship is fundamental to success and is why we are trained in counselling and psychotherapeutic skills.  

Fee: From £65


As an accredited ‘Mindfulness Now’ teacher, I offer 1-1 sessions as well as group sessions in both schools and local communities. I guide you through a unique program that is extremely well thought through and gently introduces you to the idea of meditation and gentle mindful movement. This is done at your own pace listening to your own body.

During the session we will do various exercises and guided meditations. We will have some discussion and I will give you instructions on how to start your home practice. This is a very important part of the mindfulness program and you will be given your own journal where you can record your experiences in-between sessions. The meditations form part of the formal side of mindfulness but there is also the informal side of mindfulness which is for you to introduce mindfulness into your everyday life, for example eating a meal mindfully or going for a walk mindfully. This takes practice but has profound results and really makes little things feel so much more enjoyable. This in itself, gives you feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Fee: From £65

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